Smart data logger for energy analytics

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    Active, functional prototype delivered
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    Design under contract
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  • Target application
    Data logging for energy analytics

The IMETER2 is an embedded computer system designed with the purpose of recording measurements from a variety of commercially available energy metering solutions and transmitting them to a cloud-based processing service. Developed based on the specifications provided by our partner, the IMETER2 will be used to deliver the necessary data for energy analytics, in order to provide a better insight into energy consumption trends and drive businesses towards green, sustainable energy usage behaviors.

The system makes use of a commercial single-board computer (SBC), featuring an ARM Cortex A8 processor and 512 MB of DDR3 RAM. The SBC is attached to a custom carrier board, designed and produced by Logikon Labs specifically for the needs of our partner's application. The complete system, including the SBC, measures just 140 mm x 110 mm (WxD), and consumes less that 5 Watts when fully operational.

The custom carrier board of the IMETER2 expands the available connectivity of the commercial SBC, by providing three additional high-speed USB ports, one additional 100 Mbit Ethernet port and two serial ports configurable as RS232/RS422/RS485, both with optional source/destination termination and isolated up to 2500 VDC.

Furthermore, the carrier board provides the necessary RTC clock circuitry and backup battery, in order to be able to timestamp all the recorded data, as well as an expansion port offering additional UART ports, I2C, SPI, analogue and digital I/O for future extensions.

The IMETER2 system firmware is based on the GNU/Linux operating system and provides full hardware support for all the available devices and interfaces. The development environment is a GCC-based cross-compilation toolchain for the ARM architecture, combined with an automated process to generate the necessary firmware image and program it on the internal storage memory of the IMETER2. This setup allows our partner to efficiently develop and build their own complex data logging applications for the IMETER2, using the vast ecosystem of available open source libraries.

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