The industrial market makes heavy use of embedded systems. Whether used to monitor and control a production process, advertise a product, or provide an electronic interface between machines and humans, embedded devices are being used in places such as factories, warehouses, banks, sales counters and passenger/goods terminals.

One particular requirement often encountered in the industrial market is ruggedness. Industrial-grade devices need to withstand a number of hostile environmental conditions such as very high (or low) temperatures, vibrations, dust, or just day-to-day non-stop usage.

Capitalizing on our aerospace expertise and familiarity with industrial-grade digital components, Logikon Labs is able to provide top-quality rugged embedded electronics and software, ideal for the demanding industrial market.

Key market competences
  • Automated control loops with feedback
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • Ruggedized electronics
  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Kiosks (POS/POI/ATM)
  • Handhelds

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