Embedded Linux

GNU/Linux as an operating system and core application set has been steadily gaining popularity in the embedded world due to its virtually endless customization and trimming possibilities. These attributes, when combined with rock-solid stability make GNU/Linux an excellent candidate for embedded applications, where the underlying operating system must remain as simple as possible, while performing its tasks unambiguously.

Another attractive aspect of GNU/Linux is its vast library ecosystem, ranging from graphical user interfaces to image processing and scientific applications. Developed by the industry, academia and even by talented user communities, these libraries can be used to create high-quality embedded applications.

The Logikon Labs team has a very strong background in deploying GNU/Linux for embedded applications. Our expertise in this field allows us to provide our clients with a perfectly tailored embedded operating system solution.

Expertise highlights
  • Linux kernel hacking
  • Device drivers in "kernel space" and "user space"
  • Embedded Linux platforms: OpenEmbedded, Yocto, Android, MeeGo, Ångström
  • Hand-crafted Linux deployment
  • Real-time Linux solutions
  • Linux application development using the available open library ecosystem

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