Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems

The world of reconfigurable computing is one of the most exciting and innovative fields of modern computer engineering. It involves the design and development of systems that are able to adjust themselves, as a result of an external (human) or internal (system) decision.

Reconfiguration first appeared at the software level, but recent advances in programmable logic devices have enabled reconfiguration at the hardware level as well. Today, reconfigurable devices can be reprogrammed at both the hardware and software level, even while running (dynamic reconfiguration).

Logikon Labs makes use of dynamic hardware and software reconfiguration to design highly innovative embedded systems. Our novel design methodology allows us to step into previously unexplored fields, such as that of systems that are able to self-troubleshoot and even self-repair.

Expertise highlights
  • Multi-functional systems
  • Reduced components for miniaturization and/or low-power designs
  • Dynamic reconfiguration for reduced downtime
  • Self-repairing systems
  • Reconfiguration for closed/inaccessible systems

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