Dependable Computing

Digital electronics have revolutionized the way we do science. Modern computers allow us to model and calculate in ways that were previously unimaginable. A new problem, however, arises when using computers: the inevitable failure of their components.

Dependable computing strives to address this problem by providing guarantees related to the quality of the provided services (QoS). If a particular application requires increased reliability, a dependable solution may involve the design of a fault-tolerant system with redundant elements, or a system that gracefully degrades by migrating its problematic functions to properly working processing nodes.

At Logikon Labs we carefully analyze our clients requirements and make use of cutting-edge technologies to provide QoS guarantees, tailored to the needs of each individual project. Our solutions address a variety of requirements, from increased reliability and security, to reduced maintenance and autonomic computing.

Expertise highlights
  • Availability (readiness for correct service)
  • Reliability (continuity of correct service)
  • Safety (absence of catastrophic consequences)
  • Integrity (absence of improper system alterations)
  • Maintainability (ability to undergo modifications and repairs)

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