Real-time Systems

A system is characterized as "real-time" if it adheres to a predefined set of timely response requirements. This broad definition encompasses many different systems.

A more fine-grained approach may involve further classification according to the time scale involved and the strictness of the requirements: a traffic-light controller works at the scale of seconds and it can deviate from its predefined behavior without causing trouble (also known as soft real-time), while a driver's airbag control unit (ACU) works at the scale of microseconds and its timing requirements are very strict (hard real-time).

Logikon Labs is an expert in the field of real-time embedded systems, pushing the limit of what is available and offering hard and soft real-time solutions even below the nanosecond scale.

Expertise highlights
  • High-speed real-time data acquisition and processing
  • Precision automated control loops with feedback
  • Digital signal processing
  • Image processing, pattern/object recognition, computer vision

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