Logikon Labs Team

Dimitris Lampridis photo Dimitris Lampridis LI
Technical Director

Dimitris has always been fascinated by new technologies, ever since he was a little boy and his parents bought him his first home computer (a ZX Spectrum from Sinclair) as a Christmas present.

Twelve years later he was accepted in the Electronics and Computer Engineering department of the Technical University of Crete, from where he got his engineer's degree.

In 2005, Dimitris moved to the Netherlands to continue his studies at the Delft University of Technology, following a Master's track in Computer Engineering. By the end of his postgraduate studies in 2007, he was already working in the industry, providing innovative electronic and software solutions for aerospace, industrial and scientific research applications.

Today, Dimitris is back in Greece, working as technical director for Logikon Labs and steering the company to ever more exciting technology paths.

Michael Misirlis photo Michael Misirlis LI
Managing Director

Michael is easily described as a software engineer wearing the suit of a manager.

His Computer Engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens got put in the back burner right out of the door, as he pursued a career in the video games industry, initially in business development and later rising to senior product manager, a position he held for 4 years, in one of the biggest Greek companies in entertainment.

From this position he used his technical background to develop a set of processes and software tools that helped modernize his company.

As he was always divided between his love for everything CompSci related and his matter-of-fact career in managing positions for the last 12 years, in 2012 he decided to take on the challenge of managing Logikon Labs, a technology start-up that he is determined to lead into new, exciting challenges, always with the proper strategic planning and analytical organization.